This worked for me although changing the BIOS setting resulted in warnings about the possibility of not being able to boot the OS afterwards. And even after I got the ISO to boot it didn’t find my 870 EVO drives for some reason (or they didn’t need an update?) Not a big fan of the Samsung software. To fix the problem, Samsung is expected to release a firmware update in February. If we are honest, it is unclear what is wrong with Samsung’s 990 PRO SSDs. The problem that users of the driver are facing is that the drive’s “SMART Percentage” as seen in Samsung’s SSD Magician software are deteriorating faster than expected. These percentages are designed to log the lifespan of an SSD, and users are stating that these percentages are lowering at an alarming rate.

Samsung’s stunning new S95B RGB OLED is at the center of the “cheating” allegations. Critics say it enhances normal material, but dials things back for certain test patterns that reviewers use for benchmarking. Or at least it did before Samsung released a firmware update. LG’s G2 actually presents a more accurate Filmmaker version of HDR material than Samsung’s S95B–at least before Samsung’s firmware update.


There are a couple of ways to update your firmware. Every firmware is hardware-specific and it works for that specific hardware only. The Drop ALT Light-up mechanical keyboard offers users nearly total control of every aspect of the typing experience, but is overkill for those more interested in old-school typing. The all-new Sonos Era 300 is an excellent new smart home speaker that elevates your audio with support for Dolby Atmos spatial audio. Get the best game controllers for iPhone and Apple TV that will level up your gaming experience closer to console quality. Crash reports can lead to clues as to why an app crashed in macOS.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have got your back. Though they will work with iOS devices, they’re some of the best earbuds optimized for Android. But as great as they sound, the buds aren’t without fault. Dirty earbuds can also be a culprit to poor-sounding cans, so we recommend checking your Pixel Buds Pro eartips and cleaning them or just changing them if the sound quality isn’t optimal.

SeaGate – Checking for a Firmware Update and Updating the Firmware

Pay attention to the “05 Reallocated Sector Count” value, which corresponds to the traditional “05 reallocated sector count” for mechanical hard drives. If you see this value changing, it could be a sign of an issue with your SSD. Replace “X” with the number of the NVMe drive that you want to check.

Check whether your TCL TV is connected to the WiFi. Also, check if the WiFi is delivering a stable internet connection. To avoid internet issues on TCL TV, you need to connect the TV to WiFi with a 5 Mpbs connection. You can also restart the WiFi router and connect the TCL TV to WiFi. If there is no issue with the internet connection, go to the next fix. To add Matter devices to a smart home ecosystem, you’ll need to use that platform’s smartphone or tablet app.

For users who have a PC, similar tools supplied by a Samsung run under the Windows operating system. I installed each tool on the PC, connected the corresponding SSD, and updated the firmware when necessary. In this way, I was able to perform the update without using my Mac. Additionally, there have been reports of similar issues with the recently released Samsung 990 Pro SSDs, which can also be prevented by updating to the latest firmware version.

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