About us

Fondazione Michelangelo is a scientific, independent organization aiming at the progress in cancer research and treatment development.
It was founded in December 1999 by Gianni Bonadonna, who promoted its scientific and ethical purposes among the Medical and Academic Community, with the aim of fostering progress in cancer research and improving anticancer treatment options.
Since 2001 it is officially recognized as a non-profit foundation.

Our partners are: I) patients, because our projects are primarily aimed at improving their treatments and achieve cure; II) oncologists, in various institutions and hospitals worldwide, for the design and conduct of innovating treatment strategies; III) the Medical Community, to favor the widest availability and applicability of our projects; IV) the Society that supports our research independence; V) the Pharmaceutical Industry to collaborate on the optimal development of new and existing oncology drugs in full compliance with our independence.

Maximum transparency and optimum use of available resources are defined by the Statute of the Foundation and ensured by our professional commitment.