Governance Online Meetings

Whether you’re a non-profit or private business, or a company the importance of having regular, open discussions can’t be overstated. Governance meetings let you deal with tensions, ambiguities, and disagreements before they become a source of conflict or irritation. They also ensure that all stakeholders feel their concerns are addressed in a manner that is fair and meaningful to them.

As the COVID-19 lockdowns got underway and businesses forced employees, including leadership teams, to work from home it was a struggle for business to carry on as normal. Directors faced a range of new and urgent challenges. These included putting together plans for a crisis in the midst of an ongoing epidemic, implementing a face mask policy, ensuring safety and health, as well as developing emergency succession plans. And they were required to handle all of this while cooperating with a variety of stakeholders working remotely.

Fortunately, digitization makes it easier to organize and hold governance meetings. With a platform like CivicPlus Mass Media, it is possible to generate documents, send invitations, monitor attendance and communicate with all participants in a secure online participant space. This allows legal professionals who are in charge of arranging meetings on governance to devote more time on tasks that will increase the value of your organization. This leads to a management system that is more productive, collaborative and energizing for all involved. Additionally, it could help meet the needs of the increasing number of stakeholders being asked to take part in meetings remotely.

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