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Quality assurance vs. Quality control

The software tester’s job is to detect and try to prevent any defects made during the development process. The Quality Assurance system should be structured as to ensure that the process are always looked at critically with room for improvement no matter how much progress has already been made. Continuous Improvement dictates that there is never enough QA. That is, when quality improvement has stopped, quality is effectively moving backwards. In a factory that produces pens, a QC manager measures the number of defective pens leaving the production line. The defective items are counted, defects logged and those that don’t meet the quality criteria are rejected.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Definitions

QC involves the testing of products to ensure they meet standards for safety and efficacy. If QC testing uncovers quality issues, it should result in reactive steps to prevent an unsafe product from being shipped and distributed. One of the primary differentiators in QA vs. QC is where the focus of the work lies.

It involves ensuring that products, services, and processes meet specific standards, and regulations, and meet the needs and expectatio… The QA system aims to ensure inputs are always safe and effective . Typically, the QC process is designed to help teams identify deficiencies in the product and eliminate them in an effort to comply with the organization’s quality standards.

Understanding Quality Management

Identifying your most important processes can be done by simply looking for those processes that contribute the most to achieving your organization’s goals and add the most value. Research common quality standards for the item or service you’re creating the QC process to monitor. Understand customer expectations and know the quality levels competitors have to offer.

Qualio manages and generates documentationwhile performing continuous testingto ensure everything is in working order. Miscommunication is also a repercussion, as quality assurance establishes well-functioning communication channelsthat aren’t easy to replace. Quality assurance is best performed during the entire SDLCto maintain functioning processes that will aid the project’s success throughout all phases. This is another deviation from quality assurance, which is ongoing throughout the entire SDLC. The importance of quality control is well illustrated through the example of Knight Capital Americas.

Understanding the 5 Phases of Medical Device Development

The Quality control process helps them check if the desired requirements were met without committing any mistakes. In the medical industry quality assurance is highly important, as a mistake could lead to the loss of human life. Agencies are employed nearly everywhere, from hospitals to laboratories, to make sure their standards are in tune with the industry.

MicroCare announces the hiring of senior quality control chemist – Medical Plastics News

MicroCare announces the hiring of senior quality control chemist.

Posted: Fri, 12 May 2023 12:34:06 GMT [source]

The QA process features the definition of standards for each production step—from design, manufacturing, assembling, packaging, storage, and distribution, to marketing and sales. The objective is to consistently produce high-quality products. Quality Assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention, while quality control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification. The QA team sets the standards and puts processes in place to ensure the office meets these standards. The QA runs tests to verify that these standards are met by everyone on a daily basis.


Quality assurance is a proactive process that focuses on defect prevention by progressively refining manufacturing processes, policies and procedures. Quality control is a reactive process that focuses on effectively identifying defects in completed products before they can be shipped to customers. This article will discuss some of the key differences between quality control and quality assurance and explain how AQF can help you get the necessary tools for effective quality management.

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